Traveller (insanitykun) wrote in lab_lab_lab,

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L.TB activity.

I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed but LAB.THE BASEMENT has stopped activities :/. Ao's gone back to FIGURE'71 as well as performing solo, though the "real" Lamune-iro site has been down for a long time, and HAL is still working with function code();. (She's basically a terrible, budgetless Olivia ripoff).

Also, Makoto has returned to music and rejoined goatbed :o.
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Actually, I'm no surprised. I mean, they didn't seem that active since.... quite a long time.
Ao was at the Over the Edge 07' event, which is surprising. ^^;
Hopefully he will release something soon, and be in another band.
Thanks for the update. I was wondering what was going on. They are sure hard to keep track of.
awesome, thanks for the info. i mean, i like figure'71 better, anyway. and makoto :) function code(); is a little hard to listen to.