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updated sales post!

I took pictures of the CDs and lowered the prices!

All of these have been listened to before, Pied and Piper more often than End of the World, but are in very good condition. No cracks, scratches, etc.

Pied: $20 + $3 shipping

Piper: $20 + $3 shipping

End of the World - $15 + $3 shipping

Buy all for $50 including shipping within the USA/Canada. Ask about shipping prices to other locations.

I also have a cali≠gari DVD for sale if it's okay to post here and anyone is interested. If I need to, I will remove this item from the post, just say so. ^_^v

cali≠gari - Kyuu DVD

Purchased used, viewed once since I received it. In perfect condition and is a really good concert! 94 minutes long, Region 2.

$20 + $4 shipping [within the USA/Canada, ask about shipping elsewhere]

Payment via PayPal only, needs to be made by Wednesday October 17th. NO eChecks, please.

Comment if interested or if you have questions.

Thanks for looking!
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