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lab. CDs FOR SALE!

I'm in desperate need of funds right now and have decided to part with my lab. CDs.

I haven't photographed them, but if someone wants pictures, I will do so. I'm offering them here before taking them to my sales journal/garagesalejapan.

I have Pied, Piper, and End of the World.

I'd like $25 each including shipping for Pied and Piper, $20 including shipping for End of the World. Those prices are for within the USA & Canada only, please inquire about shipping rates if you want them shipped else where.

They've all been listened to, Pied and Piper more than End of the World, but are all in good condition.

I will take PayPal only and need payment within 3 days. No eChecks, please. m(_ _)m

Thank you!

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